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We are delighted to meet you and welcome to VOC International – Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. As your one stop housing shop our primary goal is to make you feel right at home in greater Amsterdam. Because we believe that ‘Home is where the Heart’ is.

We are an independent team of dedicated and experienced real estate brokers operating right in the heart of Amsterdam. We specialize in all kinds of properties and as certified expat brokers we are experienced in helping international talents. Whether you are looking to house yourself, an employee or just to make the most of an investment: we can offer tailor made solutions. Our extensive network ensures that we are the first to hear about off-market opportunities in the city.

We are happy to help you with renting, buying or selling a property and provide the highest quality of service, focusing on your individual needs and with a personal approach. Tell us your wishes and discover opportunities that you might not even have thought of. Based on your needs, budget and family composition, we can offer you excellent advice on which neighborhoods in Amsterdam or the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area are suitable for you and current availability.

We will help you find your NEW dream home away from home. Start creating some new experiences and memories in Amsterdam!

For more information about our services, please contact us at your convenience.


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If you’re new to Amsterdam and are looking for rented housing, the best and most efficient way to find a home is to engage one of our certified expat real estate brokers. We will advise you on the legal aspects of renting a home in the Netherlands.

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Amsterdam VOC International - Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Buying a home is probably the biggest financial purchase most of us will make in our lives, and it can be incredibly exciting and rewarding. Whether it’s your first home, an upgrade, a downsize, or an investment… it is still part of the human dream to own your own home.

There are several steps that you need to go through to purchase a property. How can an VOC International certified expat broker guide you through this process?

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Selling your home can be a complicated and time-consuming endeavour. That’s why it makes sense to engage an experienced VOC International real estate broker to take care of all your concerns.

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Invest & Manage

Interested to invest in residential real estate in Amsterdam? Or in need of property management services? If it comes to reliable and correct estimation of value and potential of your investment asset – you should count on the competence of our experts! We can assist you in our areas in Amsterdam where our team of experts handle your real estate investments and property management.

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Property Management


We provide complete rental Property Management and our services for luxury and affordable condos, apartments, penthouses, lofts, townhouses, houses and mansions. Our licensed Property Managers provide specialized services to suit the type of management appropriate to your real estate investment property and the options that best service you, our client.



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